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The Way Home

About the Light Master Course “The Way Home Through Consciousness”:

This is a course for mastering clear and focused living through conscious awareness, and aims to make the participants prepared and ready to become real time light masters at the level of instructors and personal coaches in consciousness and conscious living. The participants will be trained and skilled creators and healers through their awareness from consciousness, and also wizards in the mastery of their inner light from their being of the higher realms.

This is a balanced composite material prepared by several people over years, constantly updated with new incoming awareness through consciousness and the energies - especially in regards of the new energetic configurations of the Heart, Mid-Brain and the “new electricity” available for access through it's existence. The course enables you to master the transition between the linear 3rd-dimensional “old living” into the new flow and wave-based living in the 5th-dimensional energies - and also integrates these into your awareness. We now learn how it is to live in the realms between these two "worlds of living", that is in the 4th dimensional world of existence - that again is the time/ space and our living in the now moment.

It is rather complex to go into all what this might be here in this initial chapter, but you will be in the full knowing of it all during the fulfilment of this Light Master Course.

The Light Master Course is about 90% practical and 10% theory. The theoretic material supports much more than this, but then only for self-study and later usage in relation to your own development and in training of others.


Consistently throughout the course the following will be emphasized:

  • You as the most perfect and unique creational being - the one of a kind - your perfection at the time of your birth - your blue print being.
  • Mastery of a clear awareness in relation to consciousness and your creative abilities with perfection and boundlessness.
  • Amplification of senses and focus through improved awareness. (It's all about vibrations)
  • The ability to live, be and create the difference in your life, to be there for all and everything.
  • Self Healing, healing and group healing with daily expanding theme exercises in awareness through the field of consciousness.
  • Daily meditations with theme specific exercises and guiding.

This rather special and unique Light Master Course requires a high degree of work and efforts from the whole of you - Yes, from all of your being - through all of your bodies - mentally, emotionally, physically and etherically. Expect long sessions with self-awareness and mental and emotional challenges. Trying to hide “things” in yourself, will come up during the course, and will then be subject to "enlightenment" and work in collaboration with all the other course participants. You must be willing to be 100% in truth with and to yourself and all the other participants.

The duration of the course is set to 1-one full week of 7-seven days, and it is practically and theoretically envisaged that all participants are present 24 hours a day from start Chapter-2 to the final part with the practical exam.

After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with Diploma and Certificate as given in the images below.
Full course material will be available to all who have passed the exams. (Here on this website).

Master Course Certificate and Diploma

Light Master Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - The Way Of The Heart. (This chapter you are now reading)

The following Chapters and Material are for the implementation of the Light Master Course. (Material accessible for instructors and all who have been through and passed the exams - All material will be continuously updated).

  • Chapter 2 - The Way Of The Heart - Part 2 - Balancing in All Aspects of Being. Tools for self-development and balancing.
  • Chapter 3 - The 3 Brains, DNA, Consciousness and Our Awareness.
  • Chapter 4 - The 8 Rays Of Light - The Halo - Infinite Trust and Love.
  • Chapter 5 - Breath "The Holy Spirit" - The Life Giving Spark - The number 9.
  • Chapter 6 - From Thought To Creation By Conscious Living Through Awareness.
  • Chapter 7 - The Consciousness Of Water and Matter in Relation to Our Awareness.
  • Chapter 8 - Affirmations, Thoughts, Speech, Words. Being and Living. Emotions => Energies in Motion => Creations.
  • Chapter 9 - True Vision through our inner Eye from the Heart. Focused activation of our 3.Eye.