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The Way Home

Light Master Course chapter 1

About the Light Master Course “The Way Home Through Consciousness”:

This is a course for mastering clear and focused living through conscious awareness, and aims to make the participants prepared and ready to become real time light masters at the level of instructors and personal coaches in consciousness and conscious living. The participants will be trained and skilled creators and healers through their awareness from consciousness, and also wizards in the mastery of their inner light from their being of the higher realms.

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Weekend Courses

Please make contact via email - Weekend Courses will be available on demand.


Email and Questions

For emails and contact:

Rosita ANS

Scheduled 7 Days Courses

Scheduled Light Master Courses "The Way Home Through Consciousness" :

Year Month  From - To (UTC/GMT + 1 hour)
Language*  Location Available places
2015 March CompletedLaughing Nor
Norway, Rosita ANS -
2015 April CompletedLaughing Eng
Norway, Rosita ANS -
2015 June CompletedLaughing Nor Norway, Rosita ANS -
2017 February Not set Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9
2017 March Not set
Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9
2017 April Not set
Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9
2017 May Not set
Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9
2017 June Not set
Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9
2017 July Not set
Not set Norway, Rosita ANS 9

 * Language: Eng (English), Nor (Norwegian).

Fees, costs and course admin

Fees and costs:

Full diet and accommodation: NOK 288 per day (At Rosita, only)

Course fee: NOK 639 per day (All courses)


Fees and costs
Courses, meetings, arrangements Place/ City Diet & Accommodation * Course fee * Total *
Scheduled 7 Days Courses
(Saturday 12:00 to Saturday 12:00)
2016 4473 6489
Weekend Courses
(Friday 18:00 to Sunday 18:00)
576 1278 1854
Other meetings and arrangements Rosita
288 per day - -

* All prices are in NOK = Norwegian Kroner


Course Admin:

You will have to look upon yourself as a great and important family member while attending our courses, meetings and arrangements.


All courses includes full diet and accommodation, and we are preparing the meals together.
If you should have any special needs, that will have to be given via email before attending the course in question.


During the course you will not be allowed to have your mobile phone available.
Mobile phones will be collected and will be returned after the course is finished.
Prepare for this when attending your course by telling your family and friends that you will not be available during the course.
Give them our email address to be used in emergency situations that must have your attention.


You will be provided with all needed material, and the practical exercises will be fully integrated to be in your knowing after fulfilling the course.
We do need your full focus and attention during our courses. Taking notes will disturb your focus and also slow down the teaching and practical processes.
You will not be allowed to take or make notes during any of the courses!


You will have to bring proper clothing for temperatures and weather according to the course you will attend.
Some of the practical exercises includes your connection to Mother Earth and nature. You will have to keep yourself warm during meditations out in nature.


Courses held at Rosita will provide you with a fully prepared bed and also towels for personal use. (We do have 3 bath-rooms with toilets)


Email and Questions

For emails and contact:


Rosita ANS


Course Admission Form

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If you have not registered yet, please do that and practice the exercises in Chapter 1 before filling out the course admission form.