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Ajna Light

Ajna Light 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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SuperImploder in Spa

SuperImploder spa 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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TheraPhi 01


In use at Rosita!

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SuperImploder spa 01The SuperImploder is here at Rosita proven to be both wonderful and very helpful in terms of water treatment - almost magical.

Together with all our visitors, we like it so much – that when it is not available – we really "miss" it.

Since we got the SuperImploder we have tested it out in relation to a wide range of protocols for recommended use and application - from irrigation of plants in and around Rosita - for drinking water - for cleaning and cooking - and all the way to our “Spa department” - where it is now used by everyone here at Rosita.

When someone have used our other showers, they afterwards end up with a "round" in our Spa - to let the "magic rays” of this very special and unique water from the SuperImploder - softens their skin and hair again.

The skin and hair becomes as soft and smooth as you may only find it on a little baby! (It is so amazing that it may only be experienced).

And even better, those with lots of hair quickly discovers that hair conditioners may not be needed - it's like the water is "combing out" and arranges the hair all by itself, and it becomes so soft and comfortable – just like a "dream".

After a few months, we have also noted that hair growth and skin seems to change. Hair regrowth with even some minor changes in areas earlier rather sparsely covered - is experienced, and the skin also seems to be more elastic, smooth and in a way "younger" and fresher.

Permanent rashes like eczema (psoriasis) and itching also seems to change with the use of this magical and special water that comes out of the SuperImploder. We are several with experienced improvements in relation to this - that swear to continue usage on a regular basis - and in the “Spa-department” with Mediterranean salt added – it is felt and experienced to be a great investment in personal health and well being.

In some sense of being, it may feel kind of energy generating. Lying in the bathtub with water in and around the body becomes almost like a strong meditation experience, and afterwards one feels really filled up energetically - yes, as being recharged with new energies. These energies are also a bit special, because they have an "electric" feeling to it - hard to explain, but definitely a great experience.

We will in the time to come add more SuperImploders to our water outlets for easier access to this special water. To carry water in buckets from our Spa-department several times a day will thus no longer be necessary.

With total costs including import taxes, fees and also simple plumbing works and parts may be around NOK 10,000 (EURO € 1,050)- is this a reasonable investment that we all here at Rosita is looking forward to benefit from in the future.

More information with technical specifications and more will be posted …..

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