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Tools for increased awareness, better health & living

Ajna Light

Ajna Light 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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SuperImploder in Spa

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In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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TheraPhi 01


In use at Rosita!

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Ajna Light 01Ajna Light 3

Properties through certain exercises and practices:

  • Opens the Third Eye through real activation of the pineal gland from the heart.
  • Stimulates DMT production into our physical bodies without any other stimuli or remedies.
  • Gives direct access to our Higher Self.
  • Re-connects us to the Plasma-field to again become consciously aware creators of our own reality.
  • Balancing us to be in harmony with our true selves.
  • Gives us access to heal ourselves through the essence of who we really are … and so much more!

al3-4editOpening the third eye with full activation of the pineal gland from the heart has been a hard trial for many up through the years.

We really do want to experience a reality of greater awareness and living than what we live and experience in our mental and material world.

Back in ancient Egypt and other ancient civilisations globally – even today – this has been among the most hidden and best concealed secrets of all – only revealed to the very few and specially initiated and selected – like high priest and druids through specific bloodlines and heritage.

We are now living the year of 2016 – a year were we will will expand our conscious awareness to become worldwide - to open our spheres of wisdom from the plasma-field (God, The Creator, The Source - or what you want to call it)

Some people may be here to show off and vanish - others are here to accomplish, create and share with us something rather amazing and very changing – like a revolution – and others may be here to teach us all something new – so new and special that we can only wonder, because it cant be understood – but still it will change us all to enter a new time and history line.

Guy Harriman may be such a bodily creation – spending his whole life in education, fulfilment and practices to be able to invent, create and share with us a tool that will help us create the needed tipping point.

The tipping point to change all and everything!


al3-5editAjna Light at Rosita:

  • In private use at Rosita in northern Norway since April 19th 2016.
  • A real tool for increased connection to higher states of Consciousness.
  • Ajna Light 3 is available at Rosita as a part of our wide specter of tools for increased awareness.
  • Ajna Light 3 is implemented as an important tool at Rosita in programs, courses and personal coaching!
  • Rosita's Ajna Light is "improved" with special audio files using "The Schumann Resonance Harmonics" revealed by Dan Winter.

We have recorded 3 sessions with our Ajna Light ® in the video exercises for registered users of this website to enhance their awareness within. They are all to be found in exercise number 7.

Please read "Rosita ANS® - Disclaimer" and also this "Website Terms and Conditions of Use"

Direct link to the main Ajna Light website: https://www.goldlightcentral.com

Ajna Light Community - Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/ajnalight/

Ajna Light Videos

Watch the videos below for more information:

Direct link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvxPjm9NsB4

Direct link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sKH8kN9gXA

Availability, usage & Admin

Data will come when this tool has been made available for others than private users at Rosita!


Ajna Light will be made available at Rosita by Kari Hanne & Bengt, members of the Rosita Family,
through "Mosjørosen Kari Hanne Nyland*" Norwegian Org.no: 983476260, established July 19th 2001.
*Mosjørosen in English = "The Rose of Mosjoen"

Buy Ajna Light - Rosita, Norway

buy ajna light-bengtHaving a local Ambassador to help out in both managing and also setting up the Ajna Light may be essential for many users of this special Light. Here at Rosita we do have all the expertise needed to help you out the best ways possible.

You may buy the Ajna Light directly from https://www.goldlightcentral.com using us here at Rosita as Ambassador for your Ajna Light. Please then use the following name for Ambassador when buying your Ajna Light directly:

Ambassador: Bengt at Rosita, Norway

The official pricing of the Ajna Light is USD $ 3333. This does not include import taxes and fees to the country you may import this into.

To find the pricing without import taxes and fees, please use the currency calculator below:
(Copy and paste 3333 into the box with the pre-selected number "1" or just print it in directly - be aware that the converted amount may change through time due to currency fluctuations)




HAMA Star61Here at Rosita we also have "The Schumann Resonance harmonics" audio files - found and used in the balancing technologies by Daniel Winter in both the Theraphi™ and the SuperImploder - both implemented and used here with us at Rosita. These audio files have to us shown to have great impact on the overall Ajna Light usage and light sessions. (These audio files are made locally at Rosita by Bengt).

Please also see our choice of tripod (image) we recommend to be used with the Ajna Light - HAMA Star61. This tripod is less expensive, very light and also simple to use. Pricing on the Internet from about USD $ 25 (NOK 200) and up.


For more information about buying your Ajna Light, please make contact via Email: