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Tools for increased awareness, better health & living

Ajna Light

Ajna Light 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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SuperImploder in Spa

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In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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TheraPhi 01


In use at Rosita!

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Ajna Light 01Ajna Light 3

Properties through certain exercises and practices:

  • Opens the Third Eye through real activation of the pineal gland from the heart.
  • Stimulates DMT production into our physical bodies without any other stimuli or remedies.
  • Gives direct access to our Higher Self.
  • Re-connects us to the Plasma-field to again become consciously aware creators of our own reality.
  • Balancing us to be in harmony with our true selves.
  • Gives us access to heal ourselves through the essence of who we really are … and so much more!

al3-4editOpening the third eye with full activation of the pineal gland from the heart has been a hard trial for many up through the years.

We really do want to experience a reality of greater awareness and living than what we live and experience in our mental and material world.

Back in ancient Egypt and other ancient civilisations globally – even today – this has been among the most hidden and best concealed secrets of all – only revealed to the very few and specially initiated and selected – like high priest and druids through specific bloodlines and heritage.

We are now living the year of 2016 – a year were we will will expand our conscious awareness to become worldwide - to open our spheres of wisdom from the plasma-field (God, The Creator, The Source - or what you want to call it)

Some people may be here to show off and vanish - others are here to accomplish, create and share with us something rather amazing and very changing – like a revolution – and others may be here to teach us all something new – so new and special that we can only wonder, because it cant be understood – but still it will change us all to enter a new time and history line.

Guy Harriman may be such a bodily creation – spending his whole life in education, fulfilment and practices to be able to invent, create and share with us a tool that will help us create the needed tipping point.

The tipping point to change all and everything!


al3-5editAjna Light at Rosita:

  • In private use at Rosita in northern Norway since April 19th 2016.
  • A real tool for increased connection to higher states of Consciousness.
  • Ajna Light 3 is available at Rosita as a part of our wide specter of tools for increased awareness.
  • Ajna Light 3 is implemented as an important tool at Rosita in programs, courses and personal coaching!
  • Rosita's Ajna Light is "improved" with special audio files using "The Schumann Resonance Harmonics" revealed by Dan Winter.

We have recorded 3 sessions with our Ajna Light ® in the video exercises for registered users of this website to enhance their awareness within. They are all to be found in exercise number 7.

Please read "Rosita ANS® - Disclaimer" and also this "Website Terms and Conditions of Use"

Direct link to the main Ajna Light website: https://ajnalight.com/

Ajna Light Community - Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/ajnalight/