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The Way Home

Tools for increased awareness, better health & living

Ajna Light

Ajna Light 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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SuperImploder in Spa

SuperImploder spa 01


In use & for Sale at Rosita!

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TheraPhi 01


In use at Rosita!

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Rosita's Toolbox

TheraPhi 01Theraphi™ may really be something with it's amazing ways of using light frequencies, noble gases and harmonizing vortex-generated plasma fields.
This to extents - earlier only known by some few people of this world - for many years - hidden away from the rest of humanity for reasons that may not be understood - not by anyone - except these few people and the ones removing it - from the knowing and understanding of humanity in general.

Here at Rosita, up in northern Norway, we may use this technology in research and development - helping out verifying, proving and documenting within the subjects and sciences we may be best at.

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SuperImploder spa 01The SuperImploder is here at Rosita proven to be both wonderful and very helpful in terms of water treatment - almost magical.

Together with all our visitors, we like it so much – that when it is not available – we really "miss" it.

Since we got the SuperImploder we have tested it out in relation to a wide range of protocols for recommended use and application - from irrigation of plants in and around Rosita - for drinking water - for cleaning and cooking - and all the way to our “Spa department” - where it is now used by everyone here at Rosita.

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Ajna Light 01Ajna Light 3

Properties through certain exercises and practices:

  • Opens the Third Eye through real activation of the pineal gland from the heart.
  • Stimulates DMT production into our physical bodies without any other stimuli or remedies.
  • Gives direct access to our Higher Self.
  • Re-connects us to the Plasma-field to again become consciously aware creators of our own reality.
  • Balancing us to be in harmony with our true selves.
  • Gives us access to heal ourselves through the essence of who we really are … and so much more!

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