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The Way Home

6-heart-virtuesThis must be both the easiest and also the most demanding position in life - to practice love to self - to be able to love all and everything throughout the day - 24-7. It is all about practicing, practicing and still more practicing.

For some very few this may become easy, because this is the way they think, talk and live - but for others - the normal you and me, we have to find ways to get there and also to keep on staying there. That is "to Stay on Pitch" to avoid getting back into the modus of "trying to survive through our living" instead of having a beautiful loving life in a constant abundant flow of joy and happiness.

The Six Heart Virtues may be a very good practice to start with .... and to become a master of your own inner light might be the main task of your life. Our Rosita teachings may be something for even you!

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