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consciousness-of-waterHave you ever heard about the consciousness of Water?
What if water is actually YOU?
Your physical body is 70-75 % water!
Your brain and head alone may be as much as 92 % water!
Who do you really think you are?

Our human body reproduces cells in variable patterns and also very variable cycles. Our established sciences have found through their research that some cells may last for a full life time, while others may last only seconds or even less than that. A liver may be fully renewed with new cells with a cycle of about 16 months. (The liver is our main body filtering organ).

Some time ago we had media spreading information of us being re-newed on the cellular level every 7 years - this may have come from someone without any harmful meaning or intent, but is not the truth according to our established sciences.

03-From-blood-to-cerebro-spinal-fluid-CSFWhat we do have in a constant change, is the water. We absorb and take in water into our physical bodies in many different ways - through the skin, through our breathing and also through digestion. So we are exchanging the water in our physical bodies in a constant cycle.

In the center of our head in the ventricles the spinal fluids are produced from the blood. This bodily water is what you will find in your spine and in your head surrounding your brain and more. (See image to the right)

Modern sciences are now revealing more and more about the consciousness of water, that water can both hold, carry and be programmed to have certain properties and also memory. The late Dr. Masaro Emoto made revealing discoveries that he shared with the whole world back in 1999 - amazing fully scientific findings that may be mind blowing for our established sciences.

All dis-ease comes from unbalances made by our practices. Living is an art of what we may practice and balance within.

With this video below we want you to look within to find out what you are doing with yourself in regards of what you practice in life. What you practice will be reflected in the water in your physical body. If you practice negative living, you will have a negatively charged water, and this will then also be reflected into your cells and all the organs in your entire body.

This and so much more will be revealed to you in many levels of your being through our course in Light Mastering, so if you may be interested in the real potentials from your true inner YOU, please read and go into what we may have to share with you here on this website and through our Light Master Course.

Direct link to the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0JU03CGFrU


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