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The Way Home

I-am-presenceI must say, and also share with you - we sure are much greater than we have ever known!
I love to say to you all - we really are something ! ... and I do say this to make sure you will know that this may even be the truth for you !

This might be profound words and words far out for many of you, but I dare say, this is actually the truth from many deeper perspectives of being - this may even be something that will make great changes within for even you as you may follow, read and practice what we have to share with you.

When you were in the womb of your mother - in the initial stages - in the early stages - in the 513th cell division - at this specific time and moment, your physical heart made its first beat - and do you know what caused that?  Any knowing about that at all?  That must have been a great miracle, because not even our modern western science have any answers to that!

Next great step in your life was when you took your first breath!  Do you know what was behind that?  Does modern western science know anything about this?  I must say, that if you should have any answers to this, please tell our sciences, because they still do not know!

So what is Science, and what is Consciousness in regards of us all living this - to be what we are ?

Then, take a look at matter and the atoms. You may have been told through your schools or even higher degrees of education everything about the atom and matter in general, but have you ever learned what makes the atoms spin and stay alive to keep matter in the state it is ?
Is there anyone or anything out there renewing the energy source to have the atoms continue "ticking"? Or what is it that makes the atoms "tick" to have matter stay in the preferred state as gas, liquid or solids ?

Who are you?
Have you ever been thinking about who YOU really and actually are?

Who am I ???

If you feel like just leaving the sandbox, you are not alone - but know that you have the option to go within and learn much more about who you might be in this physical body and living.

I am Bengt, and all these words are from my inner heart to YOU, the reader - and your inner heart !

This master course may give you more than answers to this, you may even find a deeper meaning and also quite a different purpose to start living instead of struggling to survive ...

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