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life-the-downhill-obstacle-courseTruth to Self is something we take very lightly and happily devote much time to justify or adjust into us.

Dis-Eases manifests easily when they are practiced into our physical bodies.

These are single-handedly produced manipulations we are not able to discover or do anything with without clearly defined balanced living and practices.

This does not distinguish between profession, education or intelligence – here it is all about nature's clearly established wisdom.

Mental living or thoughts alone are deliberate imbalances we create by choice –  freely and all by ourselves. Please search for silence within and practice this for wellness in harmonic balance to create and become the difference.

Visualize, listen and use all your senses - and you'll quickly find silence within as the true source to Wisdom - given from nature's magical treasury through love – truthful and immense vibrations in harmonic resonance with your physical body and being.

Our immune system does not have the capacity to defend or help us when we “truth-declares” even the slightest change in our physical bodies as potentially negative or even fatal.

Our upbringing and heritage "requires" experienced physical changes to be explained - something we mentally may invest much time and energy to document into our physical bodies.

Through incomprehensible processes we practice belief systems that pulls us out of balance. These are manipulations at high levels we single handedly adapt into us.

All of nature – also the humans - have always been in change. Do we need to have that explained every time we wake up from our unconscious state of sleep?

When only one tiny little detail changes, nature will do its part to ensure the balance.

As thinking, emotional creative individuals, we constitutes a large and important part in the balance of nature.

When our established and practiced belief systems do not comply with Truth to Self – we will find ourselves out of balance with nature, and nature will do what is needed to regain balance – even if we do not want to comply with this by temporarily being taken over by our mental capacities.


balance-judge-1Truth to Self = Nature's Balance = Your Balance = Unity!


Are you in Truth to Self? ... Or are you forming your own truth within to be a slave of your constantly growing Dis-Eases – totally out of balance with yourself and nature?

Is it possible for you to visualize, feel and practice your responsibility in this? Could you be balanced enough to see that you can only take responsibility for yourself in this beautiful game of balance?

The course in Light-Mastering will give you energy awareness and the necessary tools to be in Truth to Self!

Daily practice of the exercises in Chapter 1 will be sufficient to create changes into your living life and existence - and they are all for free! But be into the knowing that you will have to practice and do the whole “job”!


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