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Rositas-healing-penHave you ever heard about the main plasma reactor in our own living reality? ... Our Sun ... the SOL? It is up there giving light to support us with its energies every day ...

What if this Sun or SOL of ours may be of the same image and being as the spark or igniting energies that you may find in each and every cell in your physical body - in all of your DNA - in all of the atoms, molecules and substance of this world of reality that you may live now - in this now moment?

This Light Master Course will guide you through all this, and you will also have to make your own healing device and program it from your own conscious awareness - from this same plasma field.

This simple and easy to make "healing device" - within a pen - may balance out and take away pain within 3-5 minutes through our connection to the consiousness in the plasma field.

Super-Healing-Pen-ProgrammableThe plasma field and its energies was discovered many years ago, but due to patent rights and also many such claims, we have not been able to take advatage of this before now. The plasma field can not be patented, because it just is - it is from nature itself, but did we learn anything about this at school? Of cause not, because then the world most certainly would have been quite different from what it is today.

In this Light Master Course you may not only get at deeper understanding about the "mysteries" of the plasma field, but also be able to feel its strong and creating energies through its consiousness connection.

Here is a video showing some of the process of making these Healing Pens at Rosita:

Here is a video showing the Nano-coating process:

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