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The Way Home

New information may not come from thinking!If you practice thinking about something, this thinking of something will take over your focus the more you practice it. That is; you are getting better at thinking about this something all the time you practice it.

When practicing thinking that is the "property" in you that will be expanded and developed - and the more you are thinking, the more this will take over your focus in the daily life until it has taken over all your focus - and all this because you have made it your main practice in life.
Is this hard to understand? Do you need samples or even a recipe to live your life accordingly? What do you want in life? Are you practicing or are you thinking about what you want in life?

If you practice love, joy and happiness - you will become love, joy and happiness. The more you practice love, joy and happiness the better you will be at it.

Practice love, joy and happiness from before you open your eyes in the morning till the moment you fall into sleep in the evening - and you will soon be so good at it, that it will be all and everything in your life and living. You can't think it or know it ... you will have to practice it ... that is the only way to become fully loving, joyful and happy all the time.

If you practice knowing or knowledge, you will be good at that. What good will all this knowing and knowledge be if you do not live that in all practical means in life ? Lets say you know everything about healthy living, but you are not practicing healthy living at all - because you are satisfied by knowing all and everything about it. Will this have any effects upon your healthy living ? So you see, it is all about practicing, practicing and still more practicing of what you want to accomplish and be in life.

Here in this Light Master Course we may give you more mirroring samples than you may dare like to see and experience, but we will do this in pure love if you want to live in truth to self and are showing this by practicing it.

thoughts thoughsWe have a saying that: "What I am about to do now I have never done before, so then I know everything about it"
This is of cause not from the schools, literature or teachings from our existing western world ... but rather from the stories about our human abilities to practice and be unlimited creational beings, or better off ... real, fearless and truthful beings with infinite creational capacities.

You may wonder now ! .... and to make you wondering may have all this become something ... so please now go into yourself and explore what you are best at, and you will know this to be the truth ... that ... what you practice you will be good at !

Do you need to be convinced? This may not be our job to do, because ignoring the facts by sticking to the "knowing" from your beliefs will never ever make any changes in your life. That will be like believing in a story without first hand witnessed the events behind that story. If you believe, you do not know, and if you do not know ... your beliefs would be based upon a story from a 3rd person without you being there witnessing it.

When attending schools and universities globally you are enrolled into the mystery of the books and the teachers ... are you then aware that these books and teachers are all educated from the same system and these same books? Could it ever be any truths in these books ? Or better said to have you open your eyes, who and how many people may have been the authors of these books and teachings. In higher levels of education all this are put into systems - all and everything to make you comply and "behave" within the frames of these educational directions and structures ... how would it have been if you opposed and asked questions to the origins of the material? How would it have been if you opposed to the streamlined and very dictated exams that only aims to check if you are complying and are in line with the books and teachings?

So when attending schools or any educational systems, you are practicing your educational choices to become good at something written and directed by others. And to make sure you will become proud of what you will then have to practice, you will have both Diplomas and Exams to tell you how good you have become doing this. We the humans seems to need such visual direct documentation to be proud of and show ourselves how good we are at practicing.

This Light Master Course will transform your beliefs into knowing or not knowing ... either one may be just as good. You will stop believing and finally start the changes within by connecting to your true self without any questions or dis-beliefs. You will finally be able to either know or not know - and never again be into the suffering from your limiting beliefs.
You will learn from within how to attract, use and practice the universal vibrations of Beauty, Love and Truth in infinite Peace, Trust and Harmony to create a continuous flow in the inevitably constant changes we are living now.
No one can ever live what has been or even what may come -- all and everything has to be lived and practiced in the NOW moment!


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