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Consciousness Articles

life-the-downhill-obstacle-courseTruth to Self is something we take very lightly and happily devote much time to justify or adjust into us.

Dis-Eases manifests easily when they are practiced into our physical bodies.

These are single-handedly produced manipulations we are not able to discover or do anything with without clearly defined balanced living and practices.

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6-heart-virtuesThis must be both the easiest and also the most demanding position in life - to practice love to self - to be able to love all and everything throughout the day - 24-7. It is all about practicing, practicing and still more practicing.

For some very few this may become easy, because this is the way they think, talk and live - but for others - the normal you and me, we have to find ways to get there and also to keep on staying there. That is "to Stay on Pitch" to avoid getting back into the modus of "trying to survive through our living" instead of having a beautiful loving life in a constant abundant flow of joy and happiness.

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Rositas-healing-penHave you ever heard about the main plasma reactor in our own living reality? ... Our Sun ... the SOL? It is up there giving light to support us with its energies every day ...

What if this Sun or SOL of ours may be of the same image and being as the spark or igniting energies that you may find in each and every cell in your physical body - in all of your DNA - in all of the atoms, molecules and substance of this world of reality that you may live now - in this now moment?

This Light Master Course will guide you through all this, and you will also have to make your own healing device and program it from your own conscious awareness - from this same plasma field.

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consciousness-of-waterHave you ever heard about the consciousness of Water?
What if water is actually YOU?
Your physical body is 70-75 % water!
Your brain and head alone may be as much as 92 % water!
Who do you really think you are?

Our human body reproduces cells in variable patterns and also very variable cycles. Our established sciences have found through their research that some cells may last for a full life time, while others may last only seconds or even less than that. A liver may be fully renewed with new cells with a cycle of about 16 months. (The liver is our main body filtering organ).

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New information may not come from thinking!If you practice thinking about something, this thinking of something will take over your focus the more you practice it. That is; you are getting better at thinking about this something all the time you practice it.

When practicing thinking that is the "property" in you that will be expanded and developed - and the more you are thinking, the more this will take over your focus in the daily life until it has taken over all your focus - and all this because you have made it your main practice in life.
Is this hard to understand? Do you need samples or even a recipe to live your life accordingly? What do you want in life? Are you practicing or are you thinking about what you want in life?

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I-am-presenceI must say, and also share with you - we sure are much greater than we have ever known!
I love to say to you all - we really are something ! ... and I do say this to make sure you will know that this may even be the truth for you !

This might be profound words and words far out for many of you, but I dare say, this is actually the truth from many deeper perspectives of being - this may even be something that will make great changes within for even you as you may follow, read and practice what we have to share with you.

When you were in the womb of your mother - in the initial stages - in the early stages - in the 513th cell division - at this specific time and moment, your physical heart made its first beat - and do you know what caused that?  Any knowing about that at all?  That must have been a great miracle, because not even our modern western science have any answers to that!

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